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Piece by Piece

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When my son, was 4-years old, I watched him try to do a puzzle. He was putting pieces every which way in odd spaces. Of course, they didn’t fit, and as I felt his frustration, the teacher in me stepped in and began guiding him about how to put a puzzle together. Thankfully, he is a compliant child and was open to my leading. As I verbalized the process to him, I saw the sheer joy and satisfaction on his face when he was able to complete the puzzle and see the picture in its finished form.

There are many similarities between ministry and doing a puzzle. I see so many people struggle in ministry, placing people and programs in a free spot and hoping that it all comes together. Yet with a simple process, ministry can be so much more effective.

Sam and I began by sorting out the pieces. We looked at each piece and saw that there are three kinds of puzzle pieces. There are the edges, the corners and the middle pieces. Then by looking at the guide picture we began by placing the corner pieces, then putting together the edge pieces and then finally the middle pieces. With the guide picture always as a point of reference, while putting together the puzzle was always a challenge, it was a positive experience for my son.

As we piece together the vital aspects we need to effectively minister to our children in the 21st century, it is my prayer that you, too, will find it a challenging but positive experience as you serve your God and the children in your care more effectively.

I encourage you to take the time after each chapter to work through the Questions and action steps that are set out for you in order for this book to help you to be more effective in your ministry today.

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