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Ministry to children within a healthy intergenerational community can be incredibly transformational, not only to the child, but also the family and the wider community...
Share your stories to help each other
along the way:

"COLLIDE challenges the church to BE the Church and to
answer the call to connect as a family with families.
Tammy adds to the latest works on family ministry with
years of experience and practicality..The result is a collision
of ideas which will transform your thinking on doing church."
- Michael Chanley, founder of and
Executive Director of INCM

Book Feedback

Dear Tammy,

Wow! I received a copy of your book this morning and proceeded to read it. I could not put it down. Your book makes simple but important contribution to the family ministries conversation from an Australian perspective. If we as Churches, Homes and communities can find more opportunities to "collide" a whole generation of young people will be transformed. I hope this book is read by everyone who is serious about discipleship and faith formation. My favourite quotes were.

"Jesus did not just spend His first twelve to eighteen years until he could become God. He always was God, and the early years were just addresses important as any other years of His life. The sooner we start to treat children as people "being unfolded", the sooner we will begin to understand the lifelong journey of a person as a spiritual being. We will see discipleship as more long term and holistic" (Tammy Tolman, Collide, 2013)

"Church in our current format is very new in Christendom, about two hundred years old at the most. Sometimes we need to step out of our cocoon and check if it is what God intended when he asked us to be the light of the world. In the current silo situations, I am not even sure we are being a light to each other." (Tammy Tolman, Collide, 2013)

Blessings on you, your family and your work

Pr Daron Pratt
Children and Family Ministries Director
NNSW Conference
Seventh-day Adventist Church


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