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Tammy Tolman is brilliant in Children's Ministry. She is creative in programming and exciting in presentation. The best there is!
Barry McMurtrie, Crossroads Christian Church, USA

Tammy inspires others with her professional and flexible approach to children's ministry. She is encouraging and informative in her teaching.
Barry and Vanessa Chant, Tabor College, Sydney

about Piece by Piece...

Tammy Tolman not only addresses the 'why', but also presents the 'how'. She shows us, not only where we are going, but also how we get there. This book will help you understand 21st century children, but more importantly, how to reach them. You have in your hands a significant key to winning this generation for Jesus.
Mark Griffiths, Author and Lecturer, London, UK
Author of “Don’t Tell Cute Stories – Change lives!”

Tammy has certainly put her heart and soul into the content of this book in order to inspire and instruct those involved in ministries where children are involved. Her passion to see transformation take place in lives is the theme that weaves this book together - not only the transformation of those being ministered to - but also of those doing the ministering.
Jo Hood, International Director, mainly music

about Discovery Learning Material resources ...

Just spotted your material at Koorong Brisbane and wanted to congratulate you on a top job! I know how hard it is to find top quality Aussie material and finding your's today was like stumbling onto a little gold mine (Yeh God!). Would you be open to us stocking some of your children's resources for our forthcoming children's conference...
Anne Thomas, Willow Creek Assn Australia

Tammy has written and produced excellent curriculum material which provides well-prepared thematic sessions for primary aged children... These sessions include activities, masters for OHP reproduction, object lessons and more... will bless and minister to your children and teachers/workers.
Carolyn Boyd, Ministry to Children Seminar - Melbourne

After trying many different resources and attempting to adjust some to bring them into the 20th century I stumbled across your material at Koorong Brisbane ... The material is accepted by the children and leaders with enthusiasm. We have lots of fun presenting the gospel this way. I look forward to club each week knowing I have something to offer the kids which will grip their imagination ... I especially appreciate the great artwork, it is very effective and entertaining for the children (and the adults)
Meryl Sorensen, Salvation Army Warwick Queensland

This term in Kids’ Club we’ve used Tammy Tolman’s ‘Over the Edge’ material. The material is an unapologetic challenge to kids about where they stand in their faith & what they’re willing to give up in order to be disciples. As we prepared for the term us leaders were a bit unsure of how the lessons would go, but it has made us realise how much we tone stuff down for the kids usually. They have surprised us with their response - they have loved the challenge & are really thinking it all through. For many it made sense of the tricky stuff they face at school & in life. I would highly recommend Tammy’s material - it’s challenging, interesting & Australian (which I’m always keen on!). We’ve been so impressed with her stuff, and it has led to such deep conversations. We’ve loved it!

about Music resources ...

CD "You First" ... a very beneficial resource in ministry with children ... used in both church based programs and ministry with children in public schools ... musically the CD is contemporary. The message of the songs is timeless, but the language is relevant to children of today.
Kathryn Churchett, Children's Ministry Coordinator - Baptist Churches

about Training ...

... anointed cutting edge Children's Minister ... spoken at State and National Conferences across Australia ... rare blend of ability to teach adults and children as well as being an outstanding minister ... Her curriculum is widely used in Australia and is cost effective, making it very popular. We also use material from "You First", Tammy's first album
Rod Bradbury, Church Nat Assistant Dir Kids R Us

Mount Evelyn is one of Australia's largest churches, with a Children's Ministry that reaches over one thousand children each week ... Tammy's programs and training are outstanding. She has been able to produce wonderful ready to use curriculum at costs that are affordable to any church ... Tammy is highly regarded in Australia and New Zealand as one of the best Children's Ministry trainers available. Her approach is refreshing, practical and always motivating.
Andrew Bennett (Fmr Children's Pastor) & Peter Lusk (Children's Pastor),
Mount Evelyn Christian Fellowship

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